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Our full service roofing company, an insured and bonded roofing contractor, serves the Ashland, Oregon area and surrounding communities. We specialize in residential roofing with full time field supervision, free estimates, roof warranty services, emergency roofing services, expert residential roof services, routine roof repairs, and prevention services to avoid leaky roof repairs.

Skye Roofing offers fast, affordable roofing services, including emergency roof repair. Call us today, 941-4630, for a free analysis and estimate or click here to send us an email.

We are among the best roofing contractors in the Rogue Valley area. From roof repairs, to roof replacement, to installing a new roof, you can be assured that Skye Roofing will provide the highest standard roofing solution available.

Most roofing on manufactured and mobile homes are built will a low tolerance to weight on the roof of the home. In addition, there is usually not a lot of air space between the inside ceiling and the actual roof, which causes insulation and condensation issues.

Additionally, these types of homes have little to no pitch or slope, which excludes other roofing materials as optimum solutions for leaking and long-term solutions. Traditionally, metal is not a good solution because of the zero to low slope roof on a manufactured or mobile home, and shingles tend to blow off these roofs for the same reason.

Skye Roofing provides roofing services to manufactured and mobile homes that insure a long lasting quality roof.

We will waterproof your home. We’re always available to respond to any roof emergency service. We will be there quickly to help you with your project, whether its roofing repairs that are needed or a roof replacement, we will give you all the options so you can decide.

Our residential roofing services include condo and apartment buildings. Skye Roofing will service your roof using the highest quality roofing material. We will help you understand the available roofing solutions and choose the best roof system for your home or business. Click here to schedule a free estimate.

If your house is typical, its roof is covered with asphalt shingles, which may need to be replaced every 20 years. Temperature extremes and sunlight can crack, curl, and split the shingles. Rain and wind will wear and tear them.

At Skye Roofing we are experts in the replacement of most roof systems.

You can select from many materials including wood shakes, cedar shingles, concrete roof tile, or mid weight roof tile. But by far the most common choice, accounting for nearly two-thirds of all re-roofing in the U.S., is architectural shingles.

Highly Rated by our customers – Skye Roofing maintains an exceptional approval rating from our customers as well as with local business organizations. Check out our customer reviews below.

  • Excellent Workmanship
  • Free Inspections and Expert Advice – we are satisfied and so are our customers, with our service.
  • Financially Stable

We are dedicated to providing Rogue valley with the best customer service and roofing solutions. With our permanent location in Medford, Skye Roofing is part of your community. We are here to answer your questions and solve your roofing problems.

Skye Roofing makes it easy to get a new roof on your residential property that is affordable and protects your most important investment - your home.

We provide the kind of service we expect as customers in terms of service and value including exceptional customer relations. Our attention to detail begins with the moment we provide you with a free roofing estimate. Throughout your project and into the future, our entire staff is available to support and assist you. We also continue to do our best to meet your needs long after your roof project is completed. Even if you have never seen our roofing work before, you can be assured that your investment is well protected with us and that our company is one that you can trust and rely on.

At Skye Roofing we've created a valuable team of roofers, dispatchers and service professionals to guarantee that your experience with us is hassle-free and enjoyable. We know that problems with your roofing are annoying and often urgent; you want them handled immediately.

For over a decade we have provided our customers with the professional roofing services you deserve with our family owned company. Click here to schedule a free estimate.

As one of the Valley’s most favorite family owned roofing companies, we are highly qualified to help you find the solution to your roofing issue. We are the local roofing experts at on fixing roofing problems and many other roofing issues that a building can experience.

Roof maintenance and repair is critical to the longevity of your building and your roof. Choose your contractor carefully however! Improper roof repair is the #1 problem that people find in the roofing industry. If you do not have the repairs done right the first time, you could end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on future work that never fixed the problem to begin with.

Getting a roof repaired is something most homeowners dread, and when the roof does need repair, it is important to get not only the finest quality materials available but the best price on installing those materials as well. Most of us will start the process by getting an estimate of roof repair from a few roofing companies, be sure that you understand the elements of what you are reading in that document.

Why Choose Skye Roofing for your re-roof or new roof?

QUALITY ROOFING: We understands that each project is unique. Our team aims to supply customers with what they want, using the specifications required with a high degree of reliability and trust at a price that suits their needs.

CUSTOMER CARE: We is proud of our customer satisfaction rating, from the initial inquiry to the job completion. Our efficient and friendly staff are available to do whatever it takes to insure your satisfaction. We won't rest until this is accomplished.

LICENSED AND INSURED: Skye Roofing has obtained all the required insurance and licenses necessary to insure compliance.

You need a company who is willing and able to follow the laws and regulation that have been set forth to protect YOU, the customer. Our proposals and contracts contain our insurance and license documents for your review.

PROFESSIONALISM: We ensure that our work is undertaken with a full consideration of our responsibilities regarding health and safety. All health and safety requirements are met through our extensive safety training program, which is qualified through our insurance provider.

EXPERTISE: Skye Roofing will guide you through all varieties of the products offered and remain educated regarding the many codes and restrictions in our area.

Send us an email to receive a free roofing estimate today.

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